Just Live

Will I ever stop?
Will this make me stop doing the things I love to do?
Of course not
Will I continue to live on the edge?
It’s the only way I know to live.
Never let the fear of dying prevent you from living. Only when we are truly living do we have a chance of dying.

I was asked by one of my followers to do more poetry on here so for the next two weeks I will be trying to post at least one poem a day.

Cheating Death

I was reminded about how fragile our lives are. My motorcycle had a mechanical malfunction while I was driving it. All day I could feel her being squirrelly but I thought nothing of it. On my way home I decided to take it slow on the back roads instead of the highway on my way home. Only when I was in front of my house and decelerating did my chain come off and lock up the back tire. I wore not helmet, I had no leather, I was in a pair of shorts and a v-neck. Had this of happened while I was at full speed on the highway my family would be either visiting me in the ICU of the nearest hospital or be planning my funeral.

Today I cheated death.

Morning Light

the cool breeze flows through the open window as the sun begins to cast rays through the blinds
The warming sensation only found of your skin on mine
My hand tucking the hair over her ear and my fingers brush her cheek
Her face close to mine the electricity and passion of a blind kiss in the morning light comes with the overwhelming sense of belonging.

The Girl

Beautiful eyes hung on somber face
A shy smile hides the fear of being overlooked,
Many a time the heart broken by the ones held so dear
Gripped by sadness deep within the soul
Hopes of a better future to cover the pain of the past
Dreams of being unseen when under a gaze
Thrust by fate into the arms of another
Someone so different yet much the same
Different experiences
The same desires
A desire to be loved



-Green Day
-A Day To Remember
-Crown The Empire
-We Came As Romans
-The Amity Affliction
-Bring Me The Horizon
-Of Mice & Men
-Neck Deep
-The Story So Far
-Motionless In White
-Ed Sheeran
-All Time Low
-Mayday Parade
-La Dispute
-My Chemical Romance
-Dance Gavin Dance
-Linkin Park

  • Negativity:

    Why do you get close to people? You know in the end you'll do noting but cause pain and misery...

  • Will:

    But should that stop me from trying to be all that I can for them?