A Bit of Randomness

Of course we’re all bored that’s why we are on the internet. 19 male please be female and over 18, kids are too easy to troll.
Kik: Vanimus

What a night for a dance you know I’m a dancing machine with a fire in my bones and the sweet smell of kerosene.

I was told that if I ever owned a wrecking service that this had to be the profile picture.

Lunch with Connor Smith before work.

If that doesn’t scream smashing then I don’t know what would.

And on that day Hipster Barbarian Jesus was born.

Because Jesse Hopper wasn’t in his room and left Skyrim running on his computer.

So I think I’m going to do this to somebody’s room all everyone’s gone for spring break.

Apparently I have Photoshop on my phone… So I decided to mess with my friend Andy.

Yes, I’ll talk to the president.