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So who's "Karma" about?

Just someone from my past.

» Asked by Anonymous

A Vivid Dream

I was in a town atop a plateau. I could see my breath, it was cold and snowing. I was in thick clothing covered in armor walking with a woman that I felt like I knew in real life. We saw a man in a full suit of metal being taken away. His hands were bound and had a chain by which he was lead attached to a collar around his neck. We walked alone and went into a house. Inside was a strange device sitting on a table in the center of a room. After looking at the inner workings of the device and observing some blueprints I realized it was a high powered generator rigged to explode. Suddenly the woman behind this returns and rushes us. I know what she wants, she needs to capture us and wipe away our memories for her plan to work. I grab the girl I’m with, dropping my shoulder I break through a wall to the exterior with little effort. We begin to run for our lives. We end up losing the villainess and I tell the girl to return to our safehouse. All the townsfolk are gathered together at the town square beneath a massive statue awaiting a word from the mayor. The villainess is slowly floating up the road leading to the town square using magic in her voice to sing them to sleep. I tackle her and take the detonator from her hand. I quickly gain my feet and take flight into the sleeping crowd. I sing a haunting melody that resonates in the square. Although they are asleep they rise and join me in this song. The villainess pushes through the mass of people to get to the door of the statue of which I had already began ascending. At the peak of the statue on its balcony she catches up with me. We exchange blows but I am unaffected because of my armor. She buffeted by a blast of magic off the edge of the balcony. With a few words gravity draws us together getting me closer to the statue and throwing her off with me. I throw away the detonator, she kicks off my suit to grab it. I’m able to get ahold of the statue and halt my sinking feeling. I look back and see the look of triumph on her face as she gets the detonator in her hands. She looks at me and smiles a sinister grin as she falls to her death.

My Life an Indie Film

Running through the dark of the night a hidden moon’s iridescent shining. Sitting out the windows of a car, driving with the music loud down a forgotten road drinking in the moment. Hanging out at a drive in after close, still get served. Partying on our own in the middle of a well lit empty parking lot. The moist air on our skin, a fire of youth in our hearts.

Animus Vox

I’ve fought through a life filled with pain and strife to find the genuinely beautiful people. They are depressed and downtrodden filled only with a sense of longing, that emptiness that consumes your thoughts. So hurt by the people with corrupt black souls that walk around each day totally fine. I press to make everything in my control better for everyone and try to spread happiness but we resist. I just want you to see yourself in an unbroken mirror, that you are not the pain that others have branded you. I want you to feel empowered and ready to take on any challenge. I want you to see just how beautiful you are. I want to be there every step of the way. If we knew when I was to die would you wish you had never have met me? Or would we take the world and make every moment count.

The Emerald

As my body falls I begin to slip away
To have a small glimpse of the peace of my forefathers
To walk about those meadows of mist
I will return to challenge the sun once again


Your beauty will fade leaving nothing but your black heart. I’ve had to do nothing but become better while your narrow thoughts will swell and degrade. My revenge has come with no effort, you’re destroying yourself. Your name tarnished and your reputation cast aside. Soon you’ll be alone like the way you left me.
And I am satisfied.